MELISSA ROBERTS popularly known as VANILLA has over the years contributed to the music arena significantly, however she is specifically known for her zesty personality and energetic flow .Having over 9,184 friends on social media she believes that vanilla is a subgenre of Melissa who seems to be a saucy and outgoing individual. She enjoys singing soca because it works  well with her voice. 

When asked of her most recent work she said she has been working on an album called ‘Who I Am” which features different genre of music focuses on songs she loves listening to. On the 1st of January she released her first song from the album called ’NO PERMISSION’ which is about  being free and having fun, and  expressed much amusement on the release of the second one called ‘MY FIRST HANGOVER’ saying that her inspiration came from the fact of not having a hangover in her years on earth.  

2016 to her is a year of self, and emphasized her enthusiasm towards the country’s 50th independence celebration.  She looks forward to a joyous year.

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27th February, 2016



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