Kross Kolor Records

Melissa has grown tremendously and is now the Manager at Kross Kolor Records. She is also known to others as the right hand of the company.

2005 saw her branching into the world of television production and film when she started producing music videos for the company. Over the years she have produced more than twenty five music videos. 2009 she graduated from the University of Guyana with a certificate in Television Production. In July 2011, she had written the best screen play and graduated at the top her class at the University of the West Indies, Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination in the field of Motion Picture Arts. Apart from directing and editing music videos, she became the 2nd assistant director on a feature filmed and a sizzle reel filmed in Barbados namely 'Sweet Bottom' and Bajan Blue respectively. 2014 She became the production manager on the international film A Bitter Lime directed my Max De Bowen.

Melissa Roberts is a very strong minded and smart woman who garnered her inspiration from her mentor. She is a rare find for Kross Kolor Records and a fitting example of what a true business woman is all about.

Calm and confident are just a few words to describe how this stunning Taurus born woman approaches life’s daily challenges. If there is anyone that has the thirst and will to fight to see the success of Guyanese music, that person should be Melissa Roberts.

Hailing from Hopetown, a village found on the West Coast of the ancient town of Berbice, she gives the term ‘business woman’ its full meaning. When you talk about a passion for success it is only fair that you include the name Melissa Roberts because it is obvious to many that she not only wants it but works extremely hard for it. For her getting into the business part of music was nothing hard since she wanted to ‘do everything’ and already had some knowledge of what the music business is all about since she had a strong interest in it.

She first started as an office assistant at Kross Kolor Records some years ago and worked to the best of her ability to prove to the manager that she is trustworthy, hardworking and ready to help fulfil the aim of the company's motto "taking Guyanese music to the world".

As the years went by her interest had grown wider and her mindset stronger and because of her fast learning abilities and the great interest she had shown in wanting to help build the company, the manager Mr. Burchmore Simon saw it fit to have a woman of such value apart of his plan to help build the Guyanese music industry.

melissa roberts