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Since then it has been no turning back for this son of the soil. He continues to create great music and reinventing himself. He has been responsible for the formation of many groups and talent development like x2, Kkode Redd, Vanilla, Tennicia Defreitas, and many more. Toured the England in 2006 where x2 performed at the Crystal palace stadium for ten thousand patrons. Burchmore enjoys vegetarian foods since he has been a practicing vegetarian for the past 30 years and is an ardent member of the gym. Burchmore also enjoys athletics looking at movies featuring actors, Denzil Washington , Morgan Freeman, Laurence Fishbourne, Sally Fields Julia Roberts. Kross Kolor Records now ranks as the major recording studio and production centre in Guyana and has resulted in both label and Burchmore rising to national prominence. Kross Kolor Records has so far been the crowning glory of Burchmore's achievements of which the sky is the limit. His first compilation, "The Beginning" which saw him merging the talents of eight of the top performing artiste in Guyana has proven to be the beginning of great things. Since the recording of The Beginning he has been sought after by the leading advertising agencies, producers and performers. Burchmore is a trained musician and music educator having studied classical guitar and piano. Under the auspices of the Government of Guyana he pursued studies in music education. Burchmore is a level headed individual that has consistently shown dedication in every aspect of his life. He has been a committed family man and a excellent role model for any young person to emulate.

Georgetown Guyana in South America, is a potpourri of cultural influences and is traditionally referred to as the Garden City. If one is seriously talking about music in Guyana that conversation must include the name of Burchmore Simon; a leader and innovator in a country that has serious limitation in the scope for music development.

Burch, as founder and leader of one of the country's most popular bands-EC Connection- has survived 16 years as a professional musician in any sense applied to that phase.

His exploits include touring, writing, producing and arranging compositions that always left an impression on his audience, in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. He has shared the stage with such notables as Byron Lee, Sanchez and Crossfyah.

He is always somewhere in any major development effort for Guyanese music and has made unselfish contributions to this cause. As one of Guyanas' leading bass player's he accompanied calypso contestants in the national competition and the Home Care effort that took a group of calypsonians to Barbados to record at the Blue Wave Studios.

In 1993, against insurmountable odds he released the first packaged album by a Guyanese group at home, the song "Number One Lady" from that effort became a household favourite across Guyana and propelled the band EC Connection into an overseas market.

burchmore Simon