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  • Move Yuh Body Like A Snake4:05
  • Can I3:26

Hailing from Anna Catherina on the West Bank of Demerara, Wilbur Levans, now called B52 can be recognised as a great example of a very consistent, hard working individual. Guyanese by birth, B52, formerly known as ‘lil man’, has been proving over the years that he has what it takes to keep the standard of Guyanese entertainment on top.

Born on the 15th of November 1979, he began a career in music at a very young age. He started as a song writer during his teenage years and later grooved into singing, winning the first ever Junior Calypso competition held in Guyana . He continued in this competition, winning it for three consecutive years, (2002-2004),a trend that has not been equalled since. His success from the competition motivated him to stay in the music field and it was during that time that he slowly started to gain his spot in the entertainment industry in Guyana.
Later in 2004 B52 went on to winning the National In Search of A Star competition and became a member of the now defunct group, Impulse. It was during that time that a competition was launched, the Western Union R&B Flava competition, which was hosted by Chris Wilson, an artist of Kross Kolor Records. The group entered to show what talents they had in store. They came out quite successful placing fourth, but all was not lost.B52 was recognised as one of the most promising artist from the group and after conversations and agreements he was later signed to the Kross Kolor Records.
He has grown tremendously over the years and later, with the advice from his manager, he took a vast turn and started a new era in the genre of Soca and in 2005 released his first single, “Wine And Touch Yuh Toes,” on the ‘Wine Til Yuh Drop’ album, which was the first of its kind produced by the company. This song became a national hit and propelled him to the international audience. He found his true potential in performing and decided to stay in the Soca arena and in that same year he entered the second annual Carib Soca Monarch competition here in Guyana.

He placed eight but did not give up. He continued in the competition in 2006 right up to 2009 and placed third and second in 2006 and 2007 respectively and second and third in 2008 and 2009 respectively.
With his song ‘Fireman’, which he performed in 2008, he was chosen to represent Guyana in St. Lucia at the International Soca Monarch competition. He placed among the top ten and proved that there is a lot of talent in Guyana.
To date B52 is known as one of the most popular artists in Guyana signed to the Kross Kolor Label, and is featured on all of the albums that have been released from the studio. He is a Fireman by profession and a very talented songwriter. He already has a few hit singles to his name which includes his newest release “Put It On Me,” on the fifth edition of the “Wine Til Yuh Drop” album. He has releasing his first album entitled “Sen it On” which is produced by Burchmore Simon .The name B52 was given to him by his manager which means “Bomber 52,”and his true potential is yet to be realised.